AHA Hospitality Group is a full service consultancy group based in South Florida that bridges the gap between brands and hospitality that serves its clients’ needs globally.

We specialize in hospitality consulting, culinary brand building and food and beverage operations. We are passionate about creating memorable experiences through food & beverage, storytelling, industry leading concepts and more. Led by Andrew Platt, a lifelong culinarian, but don't let that fool you, he's not "just another chef". His decades of real-world experience working with Michelin starred chefs, James Beard awarded restaurant groups, and international travel corporations have made him a treasure trove of knowledge that can help any new or seasoned operator increase their profits, capitalize on efficiencies, scale rapidly, streamline their processes, while creating a long lasting brands in communities across the nation. 
Having launched over 30 restaurants and F&B venues in various capacities through his career.  His skill set reaches far beyond the cookline and walk in cooler but to dining rooms and leading high level operations internationally.  He and his team have amassed a contact list and network of resources that span the ends of the earth. Providing clients with the upper hand no matter what or where they operate.
Founded in 2019, he set out to do one thing, put together the “best of the best” of the industry’s elite. That list includes architects, chefs, interior designers, mixologists, contractors, operators, and other specialists available to take on projects of any scale globally, at any time.
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